Superior Service

By Molly   •   July 21, 2022

From the put-in to the take-out I was expertly and lovingly taken care of. Jordan, Annie F, Annie G, Namy , Nancy and trip leader Marcus were our guides.

I was on the July 5 Gates of Lodore trip. These young adults were amazing. They cooperated seamlessly. Totally organized. Each knew their jobs and responsibilities and created a relaxing and safe atmosphere.

Funny! Silly and also serious when it came to safety in and off the water. I was a river guide in the ‘80’s and was treated with such respect. A little embarrassing…and just the act of filling a dry bag brought back such deep muscle memory I had tears in my eyes. Being on the river was great! I wish we were able to ride some true Class III rapids. Water was low.

None the less- I saw bears and bald eagles! The guides pointed out so many sights. They all knew the geological history. Especially Nancy. Brilliant! And Jordan- fun and smart. Each of the women bring such personality to the group.
Marcus was professional and a man above his years.

We had so much fun! They knew how to entertain us and also leave us alone. They quiet music while they prepared our gourmet meal was lovely. Their banter charming. Nancy G was hysterical! She got me to toss whipped cream in my own face!!! Annie F is strong and brilliant. And Namey! Tiny and very wise and crazy strong!

How organized! And my goodness. They carried up a griddle and cast iron cookware. The food was delicious. Wondering if there would be a way to prevent so much waste. Maybe when they realized that we would not be eating 2 big bowls of salad they could save one box for another meal? I was heartbroken to see smoked salmon get tossed.

I know you have many rules about keeping food fresh and safe. There has got to be a way to determine if there are big eaters on each trip. All said and done I will certainly book again with your great company. The administration answered all of my groups questions promptly and personally.

I want to run the Yampa next. Please be sure and keep my guide team together! They are perfect!

Thank you for a memorable vacation,

Nina Barros

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