Southwest Adventure: Top 4 Essentials You Need To Be Prepared

By Molly   •   December 15, 2015

What To Keep In Mind for Your Southwest Adventure

The southwest has so much to offer when it comes to outdoor adventure. Make the most of your southwest adventure with a rafting trip in Colorado, Arizona, or Utah, a Colorado jeep tour, or a Mesa Verde discovery tour! Start of your 2016 southwest adventure with a Salt River rafting trip near Phoenix and Tucson.  The Arizona rafting season is the end of February to May and makes for an awesome spring break trip!


Though all of these activities are fun and adventurous, it is important to know the risks of outdoor adventures. The southwest area is hot and dry and depending on where you travel, higher altitude could also be a concern therefore, it is important to be prepared. Below is a list of 4 critical items you should be sure to pack.


Southwest Adventure



Because this area is so hot and dry, staying hydrated is extremely important on your southwest adventure. Dehydration is a serious matter and can be dangerous when you’re in the wilderness and civilization isn’t easily accessible. Be sure to bring enough for yourself and then some and drink it throughout the entire day. 



Sunburn is never fun, especially on your face and scalp.  While on your southwest adventure, be sure to protect these sensitive areas with a sunhat or a baseball cap.



No matter where you go outdoors, or for how long, it is very important to wear sunscreen.  At higher altitudes, the sun is hotter and more powerful, especially if your skin is not used to it.  Don’t ruin your southwest adventure with sunburn! Protect yourself with sunscreen and be sure to reapply it if you’re going to be outside for a long time.



Don’t miss out on the beauty of the sunny southwest outdoors by forgetting your sunglasses. There is so much to see in nature but without sunglasses, the sun can make it difficult to see. Be sure to bring your sunglasses on your southwest adventure!


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