Salt River Rafting: What to Expect When You Arrive

By Mild to Wild   •   December 29, 2015

So, you’ve booked your Salt River rafting trip and you’re all packed up and ready to go. But, what should you expect when you arrive for your trip? This is remote location and the nearest town and gas station is one hour away. We have no running water, no electricity, and no cell service. We do not have any credit card processing so be sure to bring cash for last minute purchases. Refer to this step-by-step guide to be sure you’re prepared.



Salt River



1. Check In

Arrive to the Salt River Office at the meet time listed on your confirmation (9:30 or 11:45) for your Salt River rafting trip. Because the Salt River Office has no direct address, it could be difficult to find so leave about 15-20 minutes earlier than what the directions say. Be sure to print out the directions before you leave, as there is no cell service in the canyon. Once you arrive at the parking lot, park your car and walk over to our check-in area.


2. Fill Out Waivers

When you arrive at the check-in area, check in with our friendly Salt River rafting office staff. They will hand everyone in your party a liability waiver that each of you must fill out.  You can also download and print your waivers prior to your trip.  They will be attached to your confirmation email that you will receive right after you book your trip. Just bring the filled out waivers with you and hand them to the office staff when you check in.




3. Gear Up

Once everyone is checked in, our staff will direct you to the guides who will give you your gear. We provide a free wetsuit and wetsuits boots and will get you sized properly there on location. Since this is a remote location with no permanent building allowed on the tribal lands, our office is temporary and in trailers. So, it is handy to come to the river with your swimsuit on under your clothes so that you can just get into your wetsuits. There will be an area for you to change. Once changed into your wetsuits, you will lock your belongings in your car and leave your keys with our office staff so you don’t have to keep track of them while you’re on the river.


4. Safety Orientation

Once you are all geared up, you will be shuttled to the river for your Salt River rafting safety orientation and paddling instructions. While the guides unload the rafts, the trip leader will give you a safety speech about what to do in certain situations as well as instructions on how to paddle. He or she will then match you up with your guide for the day.




5. Hit the River!

Once your group gets out on the river, you will have a chance to practice your paddling skills together with your guide’s instructions.  Tackle “Baptism,” “Island,” “Kiss and Tell,” “Bump and Grind,” “Grumman,” “Mother Rock,” and “Overboard” rapids! Break for a delicious hot grilled steak lunch with yummy sides of pasta or potato salad. Then get back on the river for “Exhibition,” Cibecue,” “Three Way,” and the exhilarating “Mescal Falls” rapids!


6. After Your Salt River Rafting Trip

Once you’ve completed your Salt River rafting trip, you will be shuttled back along Apache Road 1, which can be as exhilarating as the rafting itself! You will arrive back to the parking lot at about 3:00-4:00pm. Once you get back to the parking lot, you will change back into your clothes and take your gear to your guides. You will have an opportunity to see your photos from the trip and purchase them. Take some time to browse our Salt River apparel and souvenirs before you leave!


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