Salt River Campsite Activities!

By Mild to Wild   •   April 9, 2013

There’s still time to plan your Arizona whitewater adventure, and if rafting through the 2,000 foot deep Salt River Canyon with Class I – III rapids wasn’t enough to peak your interest, check out these other activities that you can encounter in this unique desert wilderness!

  • Horseshoes – Enjoy an outdoor game played between two people (or two teams of two people) using four horseshoes and two throwing targets (stakes) set in a sandbox area. The players play the game by alternating turns, tossing horseshoes at stakes in the ground, which are traditionally placed 40 feet apart (This is a long way for beginners…don’t fret if it takes some getting used to!)Maggie
  • Golf/Fetch – See how far you can hit a tennis balls with a 5 iron, and watch as our river dog, Maggie, chases it down and returns it for your next shot. Bonus points if you hit the tennis ball all the way to the river! Maggie loves her tennis ball; she’ll always find her target!
  • Scorpion Hunting – Scorpions are a constant nuisance in the desert, and for safety reasons need to be removed from camp. Join a guide and help turn over rocks looking for these crafty creatures. The most humane way to remove them is to capture them in a cup for relocation, sometimes stomping is necessary, though, so be prepared.
  • Log-house/Tepee Building/Making A Campfire – Test out your building skills and make either a log-house or tepee (let the architect in you break free!) and help make a cold day a little warmer by setting that thing on fire!Cacti in the Salt River Canyon
  • Hiking – There are an unbelievable amount of hiking options on the Salt River; take a quick hike to the waterfalls in Coyote Canyon or if you want to get really adventurous, go explore Cibique Creek.
  • Pull-ups – With large strong awnings providing our camp area with shade and rain protection, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to get in your daily ten pull-ups! (Or one…one is good enough….)
  • Swimming – On hot days, take a walk down to our private beach and take a quick swim! Remember to always wear a life jacket and make sure there is a guide around to supervise (they are trained in river rescue…Safety first!).
  • Sunbathing – Sometime it’s just nice to sit out in the sun and work on that tan (You want to make everyone back in Minnesota jealous, right?). With a vast area to spread out and get your sun on, the only thing you have to worry about is where you put your sunscreen!
  • Kubb – A lawn game where the object is to knock over wooden blocks by throwing wooden sticks at them (sounds easy, right?). The ultimate object of the game is to knock the “king” over, beforethe opponent does. A great game for all ages, although you’ll want to watch out for your shins!
  • Reading in the Hammock – Relaxing in the hammock is the way to go, but why not educate/entertain yourself at the same time? Read a book! Unfortunately due to being in a desert, books will not be provided, so be sure to bring your favorite!

Zach Butler
River Guide

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