Paddle Boarding from the Perspective of an Extreme Sportswoman

By Mild to Wild   •   July 13, 2012

I am someone who has experienced many days of my life on rivers, in both extreme and mild terrain. Whether I am kayaking the great Zambizi River or Tubing down the friendly Animas, rivers consistently fulfill my craving for adventure.

The other day I had the opportunity to try the newest water sport craze: stand up paddle boarding. I had a blast! The beautiful thing about paddle boarding is that you can make it as adventurous or as tame as you like. I found myself happily entertained just trying to paddle my way up stream. I really had fun once I started watching Molly, one of Mild to Wild’s fabulous teachers, start doing yoga poses with us and playing river games. The highlight was watching Molly pull off a headstand on her board! I am glad that I was able to try this on flat water and look forward to taking the paddle board down some more exciting rapids the next go around. I would recommend trying this fun new water sport to everyone looking for some fun, a work out or just a relaxing tour of the river.  

Have fun out there!
– Joan

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