One of my many bucket list items.

By Molly   •   April 8, 2019

I recently enjoyed a 3 day / 2 night Upper Salt River Rafting trip with Mild to Wild. At the outset, I want to give my personal thanks to the owners. Alex and Molly Mickel. The trip I had booked was in jeopardy of cancelling because it was a 6 person trip. The rule, as I understand, is that there must be a minimum of 4 in order for the trip to book. My trip only had 3. Despite my own efforts to find one more on my own, I was unsuccessful. Regardless, in this case, the owners allowed the trip to happen with only 3. My next big thank you goes to Natalie in the Mild to Wild Office. She is an excellent communicator. We emailed many times before the trip. Natalie was very helpful and had an expeditious answer for every question I had. Finally the “on the river crew”!!!! These guys/gals are professional, fun, knowledgeable, friendly, respectful and kind. My trip was a little unique, however I wont go into detail as to why. I will only tell you that because of it’s uniqueness, I ended up with 8 guides and 4 rafts for only 3 paying customers. I believe things turned out this way because of the Mild to Wild mentality of “taking care of the customer”. My crew consisted of:
Trey – Trip Leader
Dillon -Trip Guide with Trey
Mary Beth
Finally – Scotty who was not on the river but shuttled vehicles, shuttled us, etc. One of the “behind the scenes” type guys that I believe deserves credit as well because these types of things can flop entirely without people like him.
I really don’t want to go in to detail about the rafting, scenery, climate, etc. In my mind those things are a given. All of that is what I expected to experience. My focus on rating is with regard to Mild to Wild. It’s people, culture, business practices. I am not a person that is typically satisfied with most businesses. In fact, more often than not, I am dissatisfied. I cannot think of one example in my experience with Mild to Wild that was dissatisfying as a customer. I am an avid outdoorsman at 57 years YOUNG. There are not many activities I have not tried or still will not try going forward. If it is something Mild to Wild is involved with, they will be my first and only inquiry, regardless of price. I am thoroughly impressed! In closing, I would like to add that I believe Mild to Wild also impressed the United States Forest Service. On the morning of our 3rd and final day, we had finished breakfast and were in the process of packing the rafts for our final stretch down the river. As we were packing, a Forest Service raft drifted in to our camp. The Ranger proceeded to inspect the camp, spent a fair amount of time questioning Trey, talked to several other people, filled out paper after paper, inspected every raft and it’s contents, and on and on. This particular Forest Service employee was all about business and extremely thorough. He was very serious about his job and what he was doing. As an avid outdoorsman, I appreciate what he was/is doing. Upon the completion of his 45 or so minute investigation of our camp site and rafts, Trey, his crew and Mild to Wild received and EXCELLENT review.
I know I will be returning to Mild to Wild in the future many times as a customer!!!!

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