Moab rafting trip

By Molly   •   June 18, 2018

I was concerned at first because after I didn’t finish my reservation on the Web I contacted mild to Wild about having a rafting instead of a kayak. The operator said no problem I will put you and your wife for a raft. Upon arrival to Moab the lady got the paper and stated Keith and guest kayak I stated raft sheers said no problem. Got on the bus arrived at the river Keith and guest kayak he read. There were 7 kayaks in the river and only 2 people from the group requested a kayak. Luckily our guide don was amazing, super positive and let us know it wasn’t an issue and everything works itself out. As it did. So on to our float. It was beautiful scenery guide was very knowledgeable not just in rafting but local surroundings. Plants, rocks, history etc. I can’t stress enough how pleased we were with our trip he made it very enjoyable and informative. Great trip on the physical end. Not sure how the wires get crossed on the paperwork. Overall great experience for my wife and i.

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