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By Molly   •   June 13, 2010

You’re preparing for aColorado whitewater rafting trip in Durango, and want to make a hearty meal before you hit the river, preferably one with yummy local ingredients. But, how will you ever find food local to Durango? Never fear, there are plenty of places to gather fresh and healthy food. Here are a few of our favorite places to stock up on local goodies:

JamesRanchBurgerFor many, meat is the basis of most meals.

  • Stock up on locally raised, organic, grass-fed meats from Foxfire Farms, a company who strives to be sustainable and to promote bio-diversity; and more importantly, has the best darn lamb we’ve ever tasted!
  • Another brilliant choice for meat is James Ranch; these guys set out with the goal to go “beyond organic” by practicing more “natural” styles of raising livestock. For a real treat, try one of their artisan cheeses…our pick is the Belford!

Got a sweet tooth? 

  • We recommend heading over to Honeyville for some locally processed honeys, jellies & other treats. Don’t forget to check out the bees through the window of the live glass beehive!

Undecided about what local goodies are for you? 

  • Take a visit to the Durango’s Farmers Market on Saturday mornings during the summer & fall for some down right delicious treats. Many of the previously mentioned vendors find a home at the farmers market, as well as several other local farmers, bakers and artisans.

Don’t feel like cooking, but still want some local goodness? 
Several local restaurants feature meals that are made with local ingredients. Check them out!


  • Turtle Lake Refuge: On Tuesdays and Fridays, enjoy their tasty and unique “Local Wild Life Lunch”. The menu changes from day to day so there is always some delicious, new creation to try!
  • Cyprus Cafe: Serving scrumptious, Mediterranean fare, this cafe serves locally grown veggies and natural meats.  We recommend grabbing a spot on their patio for the ultimate summer experience!
  • Bread: Stop by Bread, for some locally made baked goods including tasty muffins, cookies, sandwiches and, of course, bread!

We hope you enjoy these local food options in Durango! You need to gas up properly for all of the great things to do in Durango!

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