Just a couple noobs looking for adventure

By Molly   •   August 16, 2019

My boyfriend, Scott, and I are fairly new to Durango and have been expanding our adventurous sides since the typical Oklahoma adventure consists mostly of driving down to Sonic, past the Wal-Mart, turning around and doing it again. Mild 2 Wild was recommended to me along with another company whom will not be named, by a good pal and Durango Native. I’m rather indecisive and require a lot of information to make any decision so, we went in person to both businesses to gather intel and choose which rafting company would receive our final rose. Our first stop (whom will not be named) left a lot to be desired, not a lot of detail or personal experiences were shared and quite frankly, I left feeling as if I had just really annoyed the girls working with my presence in general (and I like to think I’m not wildly annoying just as a person but who knows?). The staff at Mild 2 Wild was the complete opposite! The first guy we talked to (wish I would have gotten his name) seemed excited to share about the company along with his own experiences on the river. I was torn between a raft trip or going down on the kayaks. We’re both fairly athletic but I also value my life and didn’t want to end up in over my head …. pun intended. We left feeling much more informed, discussed further in the car, then walked back in and spoke with a gal (also didn’t get a name because I suck) and she honestly just hit the final nail in the coffin for me. I really needed another girl’s experience to seal the deal and she did it. We booked kayaks right then for the next day. Seriously if I have failed to get across just how incredibly helpful both of those employees were, let me reiterate.. THEY ROCK! So, morning of the trip, running late per my usual (sorry) we got a phone call as we were running in (which I appreciated greatly) and were able to still get geared up and ready to go in plenty of time. Everyone we came into contact with at the Store was so chill, helpful, nice, happy, and had literally perfect skin. Our kayak/ducky guide, Dillon/Dylan/not sure, was the most chill, cool dude ever. Seriously, it felt like I was just hanging out with my brother on the river, but if my brother was this hip kid with tons of fun river experiences to share and explain. He gave us all of the info we needed to have a good time and not fall out excessively, without making us feel like we were back in school with an overbearing teacher. He took the lead when it was necessary and let us design our own adventure when was appropriate. We seriously had such a great time. Honestly we considered giving Dillon/Dylan our phone numbers to grab a beer or something because he was also just a cool dude to hang out with.
So now it sounds like I’m in love with your guide, but in all honesty every single guide/employee we chatted with was awesome and friendly. Your entire staff rocks! I’m a pharmacist in town and therefore moonlight as a travel guide (because everyone’s first stop on vacation tends to be to get their pills). I will hands down recommend Mild 2 Wild to everyone who asks and probably doesn’t ask because you guys provide both killer service rad experiences.

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