Incredible Trip. 100% experience with 0% responsibility.

By Molly   •   April 25, 2022

Hayden and Rachel absolutely killed it as guides on our Desolation Canyon trip. They put in an unbelievable amount of work to pack up and row the boats, set up camps, and cook 3 amazing meals per day.

My family nervously requested vegetarian and vegan options for the duration of the trip (nervous because many restaurants still can’t figure out plant-based options) but Mild to Wild answered the bell. Every meal was 11/10 (except maybe a surprising inclusion of salmon on the last day). They even made us dessert, which blew our minds.

The wind on did get pretty intense off and on throughout the trip. Obviously, there’s nothing our guides can do to control the weather, but as a result, we were often getting to camp a bit later than we would’ve liked. Never really had any time for serious hiking around the area. Perhaps if the rafts were equipped to let us help row on those days we could have made up a little time? But that might cause other problems. Or maybe just try to leave even earlier on day 1 to cover more ground and allow for slower days downstream.

Overall, still a perfect trip. Huge shoutout to Hayden and Rachel. Phenomenal guides and experience.

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