How To: Get Back Into an Inflatable Kayak

By Mild to Wild   •   July 29, 2012

In the first video installment of our “HOW TO” series, 8-year-old Charlie will demonstrate how to get back into an inflatable kayak after you’ve fallen out.

1) Orient yourself in the river in relation to your boat and paddle.
2) Swim aggressively towards the kayak.
3) Place paddle length wise in boat.
4) Position yourself at the middle of the boat.
5)  Raise your legs high in the water, trying to position your body as parallel to the surface as possible. When you use your arms to pull yourself into the boat, you want to minimize the amount of direct downward pressure on the boat.
6) Pull the boat under you as you kick your legs. Reaching across to the holes in the floor or the holds for thwart can be helpful as you pull the board towards you.
7) Sit up and smile! Your back in your boat and all cooled off!

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