Fun time on the water

By Molly   •   April 15, 2019

I took my staff of 6 people on a rafting trip before doing a swift water rescue class on the salt over the weekend. Can not remember the guides name, but he was from Texas. Great guy and well informed about the area. Catered to our group as much as he could and I do appreciate that. The river was a little more mild than what we expected but we still had an amazing time. The bus ran out of gas on the trip back, and the trailer snapped off which made for an eventful drive home.

The only negative we experienced was with the checkin girl. She was short and rude to us. I had done my best effort to make sure all my people had pre filled out the waiver. We had to do a last minute change of names due to one of my guides getting sick, and I called to confirm that would be okay. I checked before we began the drive from Vegas that everyone was confirmed on the online portal. When we arrived we went to check in, and maybe we overwhelmed her, but she said I was missing a signature. So I asked who it was, and she very rudely said that she did not know because she did not have wifi and we are making her job too hard for her. I kinda thought she was joking, but she sure was not. We kinda just laughed it off and still had a great time on the river.

We still had a lot of fun once the guide took over, but she left a very sour taste in all of our mouths.

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