Father Son Time

By Mild to Wild   •   September 7, 2022

My youngest moved to Texas about a year and a half ago. Haven’t seen him since. We wanted to get back together and he finally settled in so we said let’s do something different. We’ve rafted east coast and through Tennessee but wanted to try something different so m2w gave us the chance. The scenery is amazing the staff and guides is something totally different! They really know what they’re doing. Grub at other facilities were way packaged. All of our meals were made fresh each time! 3 times a day and more then enough! They operated as a team and we really got to have one-on-one time while they took care of camp. They taught us a lot and we did several hikes. Things that you can’t see from the water they knew about and showed us. The Rapids were awesome and the wildlife was abundant! But the whole facility worked as a team. It is really a great company to go rafting with and we are looking to our return next year!

I am trying to give it a five-star rating but the website is not letting me click that option

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