Family fun adventure for any age

By Mild to Wild   •   June 27, 2024

My wife and I are in our middle and late 60’s. Before visiting Durango we booked a rafting experience (our second in 30 years). We had a blast with our guide Charlie. Charlie is that very capable and confident coach that speaks volumes with few words. We spoke before even leaving on the bus ride to the Lower Anamis river. The safe confidence presented to us that this was going to be fun and also somewhat challenging was exciting. We felt we were in good hands. It’s that thing that accomplished artisans do.
There was little doubt that if we did our part (row, row, row) and follow directions we would have a blast. We did just that!!
Just trust your guide , do what they ask, and see if you agree river rafting doesn’t bring lasting memories of fun and accomplishment.

My wife now wants to raft more challenging rivers. That says it all.
Ask for Charlie for the Lower Animas you won’t be let down.

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