Exhilarating Raft Trip!

By Molly   •   June 5, 2018

Did the 3-day Cataract Canyon with the 33 ft motored boat and 15 ft oar/paddle boat Captained by veteran, Shana and able assistant Ben. The first day was an easy motor to the confluence of Green River. The second day was a series of 14 Class IV rapids down the Cataract. We alternated with 6 guys in the small boat guided by Ben and 2 in the motorboat with Shana. The big boat was a rough ride and tough to hang on at times suggesting a better system for personal anchoring should be engineered if one sits in the bow. The small boat worked great and brings the rafter closer to the action. For the technically complex rapids, we beached the craft just up-river to then walk up to scout the descent line and review safety mitigation tactics with all. The result was a heart-pounding wet and wild run for most of day 2 with zero safety issues. Day 3 was a nice motor out. The canyon has fascinating well-exposed geology, ably described in detail by guide Shana. Campsites were awesome. Had the river to ourselves almost. 3 full meals each day were excellent with care given to proper hygiene. All in all a great experience thanks to Mild to Wild and our great guides Shana and Ben. Highly recommend.

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