What To Expect When Checking in For Your Durango Rafting Trip

By Kim Cassels   •   August 28, 2019

What To Expect When Checking in For Your Durango Rafting Trip


Are you going out for a Durango rafting adventure for the first time and wondering what happens once you get to the Mild to Wild Rafting & Jeep Tours office? Our guides and office staff are here to give you an awesome rafting experience from start to finish. Here’s what to expect when checking in for a rafting trip. 

When You Arrive For Your Durango Rafting Trip

Our greeting staff will usually catch you in the parking lot before you walk through the door. If the greeters aren’t outside, they’ll meet you at the door to check you in with the name you provided on your reservation. 

“We want to greet people as soon as we can,” Mild to Wild’s front of house leader, Kelsey W, said.

Durango, CO-Durango Jeep-Mild to Wild Rafting

The greeters will direct you on where to park. Then, they’ll pull up your information on a tablet to see if you still need to sign a waiver or rent a wetsuit for your Durango rafting adventure. This helps eliminate confusion when it’s super busy in the office. 

“We can have up to 200 people in here at any given time,” Kelsey said.  

If you didn’t fill out your waiver or pay online, the office staff will direct you to the hard copies in the front of the lobby. Once your waiver is filled out and signed, a staff member will file your form and finish the check-in process at the front desk.

Changing Clothes and Storing Your Stuff

You can store your belongings either in the changing room, in one of our lockers, or in your car. Once everything is stowed away, we strongly suggest hanging your keys on our car key paddle in the office to prevent the possibility of donating your keys to the river.

If you rented a wetsuit, you’ll go outside to the wetsuit cage to meet your guides. They’ll get you fitted to the perfect sized suit, booties, fleece, and splash top. Then, you’ll head to the changing rooms and slip into your gear. 

A frequently asked question is what to wear under the wetsuit. 

“People will ask ‘Do I go naked?’” Kelsey laughs. “No please don’t, wear a swimsuit.” 

PFD (Personal Floatation Device) and Paddles 

After you’re suited up, you’ll make your way back to the wetsuit cage. The guides are usually finishing their last preparations for the trip, so there can be a short waiting period before getting a PFD, helmet, and paddle. Safety is our number one priority, and we have multiple resources to help you feel prepared on the river. 

Durango Colorado River Rafting – Mild to Wild Rafting

During the wait, you’re welcome to play cornhole and other games in the yard. You can use this time to chat with the greeters about any other questions you might have

“Basically until you get on that bus, there’s someone in contact with you the whole time from our office. That way if you have questions, we’re there to answer them.” 

Our office staff will usually be able to notice if you’re missing anything. If you have prescription glasses, you may want chums to keep them on through the rapids, or rent booties if you came in crocs or flip flops. 

After You Durango Rafting Trip

Once you step off the Fun Bus after your trip, you’ll drop off your PFD, helmet, and paddle with the guides at the wetsuit cage. Then, you’ll head to the changing room to switch back into your dry clothes. The guides will have a tub for you to drop your wetsuit in outside, and a place to put the rest of your gear. 

After that, all you need to do is grab your belongings and car keys from the office. Our photographer will have your pictures up on monitors in the lobby with the option to purchase them before you leave. 

If you had a great time, be sure to tip your guide before you head out!  

Lower Animas Rafting-Durango Colorado-Mild to Wild Rafting

Our staff has heard almost every question possible, from “Am I going to get wet?” to “Will my life jacket keep me up if I fall in the water?” If you have any uncertainties about your rafting trip, our staff is here to keep you excited and confident when you make it onto the river.

Lower Animas River Rafting Durango Co - Mild to Wild

“I always remind them that everything we do here is family-oriented and all of our decisions are made by the owners,” Kelsey said. “And reminding them that all of our raft guides have multiple certifications before we ever put them on the river with guests.”

Now that you know what to expect when checking in for a rafting trip, let’s go hit the river together!

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