By Molly   •   June 16, 2015

Just like rivers and anything involving Mother Nature, life is ever changing and unpredictable.  It twists and curves, all while changing speeds.  Some days, it will bump along, drifting slowly before rapidly morphing into various crashes and drops.

We all have dreams and goals that we aspire to complete during our tenure on this green earth.  Maybe you want to be a world famous chef or aspire to be Miss America.  Maybe your goals are smaller, like graduating college or buying a home.  For some of us, it might be as simple as going on a trip you will never forget.


The Southwestern United States could be that unforgettable trip.  In one day, you can visit high mountain ghost towns before heading into the desert.  You can visit four states at once, or individually, if you choose to do so. No big city lights are within sight (or convenient to get to) in our neck of the woods.


Whether you choose to go on a Colorado rafting trip, a Colorado jeep tour, or visit the ancient ruins at Mesa Verde, a visit to Durango, Colorado will be unforgettable.  Let Mild to Wild Rafting and Jeep Tours help you plan it all with our friendly and knowledgeable trip advisers!  They will personally tailor the perfect trip from our 77 different trip options that will best fit your travel plans.


If the great outdoors seems to be a dream you wish to achieve this year, one of our more remote whitewater rafting trips might be a good fit.  If you’re coming in our early season, the Piedra River is a stunning trip for more intermediate and high adventure seekers.  A pristine alpine rainforest grow out of the steep cliff walls, encapsulating rafters in beauty.  This winding, fast paced river keeps the adventure level up, while also allowing you to look around.  Various waterfalls, brilliantly colored rocks, and other sights can be seen in a single day, but why not stay with us longer and camp overnight?


Maybe bumping along dirt roads you wouldn’t normally go down is more in tune with your dreams.  Remote locations are possible in our off-road vehicles, as we can check out places you would not personally want to bring your own vehicle.  Old ghost towns, abandoned by their inhabitants long ago, are a favorite for kids and adults alike.  Panoramic, high-up vistas provide professional and budding photographers spectacular photo opportunities.  Colorado wildflowers, waterfalls, and wildlife sightings could be a possibility.


Although we might not be able to promise you a professional hockey career or a visit to the moon, we can help you journey into the great outdoors.  It might seem like a minor check mark on the list of dreams and goals you wish to complete, but it’s a check mark you will never forget.

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