Cataract Canyon 4-day trip

By Molly   •   June 25, 2021

Our 4-day trip down the Cataract Canyon was fabulous in every way possible! Jessie and Scotty were our guides, and they made sure that we were comfortable in all regards. All the meals were delicious, and I was impressed by the variety. Every evening started off with appetizers, which was a nice surprise after a long day on the river and in the sun. Our 4-day trip joined up with a group doing a 3-day, and the guides from that trip (Zulu, Erin and Levi) were also lots of fun. We had the opportunity to jump in the paddle boat with Levi through the rapids – other parts of our group were in oar boats or a larger motorized boat through the rapids, so just double check to make sure you’ll have the opportunity to do what you want! We also were able to take the tandem inflatable kayak through the last handful of rapids on our last day and it was a definite highlight for both my partner and I. Highly recommend this company and this trip in general. We had an amazing time and it was the perfect opportunity to disconnect and be present through these beautiful landscapes.

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