Bonus history lesson

By Molly   •   April 27, 2021

Jef was such an awesome tour guide. I was in awe of being able to raft in the midst of so much history in those canyons. He shared a wealth of knowledge about the area & I appreciate what I learned a lot along the way. We had a great group of people on our raft. It’s a pleasure to see that all the tour guides seem to love what they do. Levi also shared a lot about the area on our bus ride & gave great tips about where to go to see the sites. I highly recommend going on the rafting tour. It’s definitely a once in a lifetime trip. Those guides put in so much work, especially when you’re hitting wind tunnels & folks aren’t trying to help paddle…not our boat though! So thank you all for the hard work & dedication you put into these tours. We really enjoyed our trip!

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