An adventure this family will remember

By Molly   •   August 5, 2019

We got the train up, van down, rafting package. Well worth the money! You get a little bit of everything. Our tour guide that drives you back down from Silverton Dave was awesome and beyond knowledgeable! He pointed out things we saw on the train ride up not knowing what or who it was about since you don’t really have a tour ride on the train. He made the van ride down fun. Once we got to the office for the rafting adventure it was easy. We checked in changed to water appropriate clothes, suited up with life vest and paddles and jumped on the bus. Now I’m not an adventurous person by any means and my husband talked me into this rafting thing so I was dead set on believing that I was going to be the first one to plummet to my death on the river. I had already made my piece with family and informed work that I probably won’t make it back and they should start looking for my replacement. So with jumpy nerves and holding my paddle with a death grip looking at my kids thinking “I hope they think I’m a cool mom for taking them rafting before dying” they start the bus. All the rafting tour guide get on so we can take off and let me tell you, once the first guide got on and started talking I completely forgot about my looming death. They were hysterical in everything they said and did. To them it might have just been fun humor. But to this lady who just 5 minutes earlier was planning certain death it was awesome. So now on to the rafting. We get off the bus wait a few minutes for the guide to get the rafts unloaded, get the safety speech ( which I listened to every single word” because you know my life depends on it and we were paired up which in our case was with another family of 3. Loaded into the raft and set out on our rafting adventure. Our guide was Alex. I swear the heavens sent him to be our guide. He was perfect and handles that river like he made it himself. He knew exactly how to get us through like a champ. We even got a verbal of here is this and there is that type tour which I didn’t expect would happen. Now I know we were not rafting down a mountain side waterfall and the water is pretty calm for the most part but there was a part that we had to pull over so the group with small kids could get out and walk because the water was to rough for them to go through. Even then Alex aka guardian angel had everyone well informed as to what was going on. On to the faster rapids , couple of drops, and safe, a tad bit wet but safe! After maybe another 20 minutes or so we were departing the raft and loading up on the bus to had back and the meeting place. Again once back on the bus and all the guides back together hilarity started right back up. At the office you can change back to your non wet clothes if you choose and look through the pictures they took of you while going through the rapids. This was a bonus! I instantly thought oh no they are going to have these pictures of us and I am pretty sure I will have the look or horror in every single one. Guess what? In every picture I am laughing and having the greatest time! So to everyone at Mild to Wild THANK YOU!! You made this family trip one of the best we have had and will talking about for years to come. And to Alex aka Guardian Angel, this may be a normal thing for you but you made this completely non adventurous Mom very happy she took this adventure and made it home safe. Again thank you!

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