Durango Train: 5 Best Ways to Experience the Adventure!

By Mild to Wild   •   April 12, 2016

To take a ride on the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad is to truly take a step back in time. Passengers have used the railroad since its completion in 1882. Since the railroad is primarily in the wilderness, passengers are treated to views nearly identical to those over a century ago. One thing that has changed, is that there are now more ways to enjoy this awe-inspiring trip. Here are our five favorite ways to enjoy the Durango Train!


Durango Train


1. Ride the Train Round-trip.

Riding the Durango Train round-trip from Durango to Silverton and back is a great way to really immerse yourself in the experience. This option is perfect for train enthusiasts; more casual riders may find the time on the train a little long which brings us to the next option.


2. Trails and Rails Package

The Trails and Rails package is the perfect option for those looking to mix adventure with immaculate scenery. With this option, you ride the bus from Durango up over the Million Dollar Skyway into Silverton. Once in Silverton, guests are treated to an off-road tour of the mountains and ghost towns in the area. This gives guests a greater understanding of the history of the area before taking time to explore and get lunch in Silverton on their own. To finish up the day, guests enjoy the thrilling train ride back to Durango.


Durango Train


3. Bus Over the Million Dollar Skyway and Enjoy the Train Back to Durango

Bus up/Train down is the perfect option for travelers wishing to see more scenery in one day. The train round-trip covers the same ground both ways but this option shakes things up and takes you on a bus over the majestic Million Dollar Skyway. This option also allows for more time to explore the historic town of Silverton.


4. Rail and Raft

The Rail and Raft package is a great option for guests wanting to experience both great views provided by the Durango Train as well as an adventurous white water rafting experience. This option sends guests to Silverton on an exciting one-way Durango Train ride, gives them time to explore Silverton, and then buses guests back over the Million Dollar Skyway to Durango. Here guests will get to explore the beautiful Lower Animas River and splash through Smelter Rapid!


Durango Train


5. Ride the Durango Train to Silverton and then Enjoy the Bus Ride Back

Train up/ Bus down is a good option for guests that only want to ride the train one way but don’t want to spend very much time in Silverton. With this option, guests ride the Durango Train through awe inspiring scenery to Silverton before riding the bus back over the Million Dollar Skyway.


Anyway you choose to ride the Durango Train you will not regret taking this unforgettable trip. The views are amazing and the historic and educational values can complete any trip. If you are looking to add another educational experience while you are in Southwestern Colorado, check out our small guided and interpretive Mesa Verde trips.


Durango Train



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