2 Great Adventures In A Single Day

By Mild to Wild   •   June 4, 2018

We were originally slated to do a jeep tour in Silverton and return to Durango on the train, but the forest fire made this impossible. We switched gears and were able to schedule a jeep tour in Durango instead. We also were invited to add a rafting trip on the lower Animas the afternoon after the jeep tour. The jeep tour was great, the rafting was amazing. I’m a big girl, and the wonderful staff had no problem finding a life vest to fit me (other rafting companies have not been so accommodating). We took our 6 year old with us, he paddled right along with the adults in the boat, and ran the rapids like a pro with the help of our excellent guide. We cannot wait to get back on that river! All of the staff were fantastic and welcoming!

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