2 Calm and 1 Anxious First Timers had a Wonderful Ride!

By Molly   •   May 21, 2018

Our guide, Ben Mason, made our day relaxing and fun.
One of our group was anxious about being on the water. Ben’s directions, on land, and later as we floated calmed her. His explanations of how he “read” the river and examples of maneuvering accordingly were informative and firmly established his expertise.
Ben’s love for the environment showed as he taught us “If you find trash and don’t pick it up, it is the same as if you left it there.” He back-paddled twice to collect trash we spotted on the banks; it was fun for us to watch him work!
Our lunch break was also environmentally sound. Ben’s background as a chef showed as he sliced and served fresh food in a sanitary manner, and collected all leftovers and trash to carry out of the site.
Ben was sensitive to when we wanted to visit and when we were contented to quietly enjoy the scenery. He shared entertaining tales and also joined in our peacefulness.
This float was one of the highlights of our Might 5 tour. We would do it again.

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