Upper Piedra River One Day Trip

Season: Mid May – Late June
Class: High Water: Low Water: Class II, III & IV- Rapids
Class II & Class III+ Rapids
 Meet Time:  9:00 AM
1-Day Trip on the Upper Box of the Piedra River in Southwest CO near Pagosa Springs

Piedra River Upper Box Description

The intermediate Upper Box of the Piedra River starts off at the headwaters as a small creek with many technical Class II “splashes” (lots of maneuvering around rocks) that serve as a warm up at the start of your day.  As tributaries (creeks) drop into the river and increase the river volume, discover the fun of Class III “wet and fun” rapids and the bigger drops of two stair step Class IV rapids taking you over drops of 4 feet, 3 feet and 2 feet into a pool of  water.

Don’t stop here! After the intermediate Upper Box comes the high adventure Lower Box! For those looking for extreme thrills and drops, the Lower Box is a great way to spend a day OR add it on as the second day to your Piedra trip on the Two Day!


Standard Rafts

15 foot self-bailing rafts rigged as an Oar Boat with paddle assist. Age: 12 & up
Adventure: Intermediate
Cost: $149* per person

*Additional River/Land Access Fees not included


  • 5:15 PM Evening Prior: Check into our office the evening prior to your trip at 5:15 PM to get fitted for your thermal wetsuit gear.
  • Day of  trip: Meet at the Piedra River Store at 9:00 AM or, if arranged prior to your trip, at our Main Office in Durango at 7:30 AM.
  • Check in, sign release forms and get dressed for the river! Wetsuits and wetsuit boots are required (rentals available).
  • Shuttle to the river for safety orientation and rafting instructions.
  • Hit the river!
  • Bounce and spin off rocks as you enjoy the technical Class II “splashes”.
  • As the river builds in volume and the wilderness area thickens, the splashes become bigger!
  • Stop for a delicious riverside, deli-style lunch.
  • Get back on the river and paddle as a team through more Class II+ action!
  • Tackle the Class IV, drops of “Lone Pine” rapid.
  • Thunder down the drops of “Lime Stone” rapid.
  • Relax & enjoy the breathtaking wilderness & seclusion.
  • Take out and shuttle back reflecting on your special day! Arrive at the Piedra River store around 3:00 PM, and, if returning to Durango, 4:00 PM.
*  Please note that all itineraries are subject to change due to river conditions.

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