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Last Call For The Groover

“Last Call For The Groover” can be some of the most stressful words you’ll hear on a multi-day trip. This is a factual representation of what happens every morning before leaving camp. If you want to experience the legendary groover yourself, then take a multi-day trip with us!

River Lingo Translations

As an act of service and common courtesy to our amazing community, we’ve provided an exclusive lesson on mysterious language of river guides. You’ll want to take notes as John and Ben describe what “vegetarian” and “meat” actually mean.   Don’t worry, fter a trip with us, you’ll be picking up the lingo in no […]

Being a River Guide at Mild to Wild

Imagine a job where your office is the great outdoors, your colleagues are the elements, and every day is an opportunity to share exhilarating experiences with others. Being a river guide is not just a profession; it’s a deeply rewarding way of life. Here’s why: Nature as Your Playground: As a river guide, you get […]

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