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Stand Up Paddle Board Tips

Jake from Mild to Wild demonstrates some tips and tricks to becoming a pro on your Stand-up Paddle Board. This includes how to paddle, stand up, and ferry to help you get to where you want to go.

Bring These 11 Items on Your Next Camping Trip!

Multi-day specialist Lucy lists 11 items you should bring on your next multi-day adventure to make your camping more comfortable.  Most of these items can be included in your day bag which will stay strapped next to your raft during the duration of your trip.   These include: Head lamp Bed sheet Lotion Lip balm […]

How To Use Inflatable Kayak, Paddle Board And Tube Rentals

Check out our Inflatable Kayak, Paddle Board and Tube Rentals page. Looking to paddle your own craft on your next trip to Durango? We’ve got you covered with our Inflatable Kayak, Paddle Board and Tube rentals! In this video our guide manager, Elena, discusses what’s included in each rental as well as how to set […]

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