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Animas River Rafting: Quick Facts & Insights

Animas River Origins Learn about the Animas River is a staple of Durango, and its name ‘Río de Las Ánimas’ translates to ‘the River of Souls.’ This name was coined by Spanish colonizer Juan María Antonio Rivera during his 1765 expedition of Southwest Colorado. The Animas Canyon originated from a glacier, which, at the time, […]

How To Use Inflatable Kayak, Paddle Board And Tube Rentals

Check out our Inflatable Kayak, Paddle Board and Tube Rentals page. Looking to paddle your own craft on your next trip to Durango? We’ve got you covered with our Inflatable Kayak, Paddle Board and Tube rentals! In this video our guide manager, Elena, discusses what’s included in each rental as well as how to set […]

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Durango Weather Conditions – Plan Your Perfect Vacation ANY Time Of The Year – Adventure Vlog

Learn more about Durango Weather Conditions. Adventure Vlogger, Eli, breaks down the typical weather conditions in Durango throughout the seasons. Whether you’re interested in Durango for rafting, hiking, skiing, or some other adventurous activity, this breakdown will help you plan the best time to visit! More Durango Trip-Planning Resources: Best Times To Visit Durango Things […]

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