Month: June 2015

Rafting Trip: Choosing the Right Rapids for You

Have you ever been told a river contained a specific class of rapid?  Did this ever confuse you when planning your rafting trip?  Here, we break down what each class of rapid looks and feels like.  We’ve also thrown in some music references to help clarify our points because everyone relates to music and the […]

Southwest Colorado: Break from Routine and Explore!

Are you one of those people who wakes up to an alarm every morning?  Do you constantly check your email just in case your coworker sent you that important file, even though it’s midnight?  Are you sick of rush-hour traffic?  It might be time to get out of your “bubble” and explore Southwest Colorado!   […]

July 4th Events in Southwest Colorado

July 4th is fast approaching, so it’s time to make those holiday plans and get involved in some July 4th events!  If you happen to be staying in Southwest Colorado, you’re in for a treat!  With the holiday falling on a Saturday, you should have a weekend filled with parades, fireworks, BBQs, and good times. […]


Just like rivers and anything involving Mother Nature, life is ever changing and unpredictable.  It twists and curves, all while changing speeds.  Some days, it will bump along, drifting slowly before rapidly morphing into various crashes and drops. We all have dreams and goals that we aspire to complete during our tenure on this green […]

Colorado River Rafting and Pampered Camping

A camp – a place, usually away from urban areas, where tents are erected for shelter or for temporary residence. If this brings back memories of family trips from your childhood, you’re thinking of the right kind of camping.  Some of those memories might be of dad struggling with the tent poles or the cooler being pillaged […]

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