Month: October 2013

Different Jeep Trail Tour Vehicles for Different Days

In Southwest Colorado we encounter a lot of different weather conditions during the course of our jeep tour season. We could encounter anything from a cold and snowy day to a hot and dry day (potentially in the same week!). So, here at Mild to Wild, we provide three different vehicles to suit the weather […]

Things to Do in Durango Colorado This Winter

Even though we’re holding on to the last bits of summer (or should I say fall…), it would seem that, here in Durango, Colorado, winter will be here soon! We may be partial to summer activities, but you don’t live in the mountains without a love for winter-time fun! If you’re planning an escape from […]

What to Pack on an Overnight River Rafting Packing Trip

About to hit the river? Be sure you are prepared with this handy packing list! Tried and tested by expert river guides (like our very own Mild to Wild team!), this list contains some items you may not necessarily remember when packing for your overnight excursion…

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