Durango Rafting Economy Trip on the Lower Animas

CLICK on the video to see the Animas in action!
Season: April – September
Class: High Water: Low Water: Class I, II & III Rapids Class I, II & 1 Class III Rapid
Meet Times: 9:00, 1:30, 3:30 (all season)
(8:00, 10:00 – Mid June-Early August)
Returns: 2.5 hours later

2.5 hours round trip, 1 hour on water

A quick sampler trip for those with a tight itinerary, Durango’s Animas River is a popular day trip for locals and visitors! Bounce through fun filled rapids on Durango’s Lower Animas, such as; “Train Bridge,” “Baby Smelter,” “Smelter Rapid,” and “Santa Rita”! There is no experience necessary; we provide all you need for a fun, quick rafting day out on the river! Paddle along with the guide (we’ll teach you if you don’t know how) or sit back, relax, and let the guide do all the work! Later in the season, all rapids can be downgraded a half to a full Class. The river will become more technical and you may bounce and spin off of the rocks as you maneuver into the channels of the river. Inflatable kayaks are a great option to increase the level of adventure for ages 11 and up!

The only thing you will regret about this trip option is that you don’t get as much time on the water as you do during the Half Day or 3/4-Day!

Durango Rafting Options

We offer flexible payment plans & lenient cancellation policy for online bookings. Call for other arrangements if needed.

Standard Rafts

Premium Rafts

Age: 4+ Adventure: Mild Cost: Adult $39*           Youth $32* Age: 4+ Adventure: Mild/Intermediate Cost: $59* per person
15 foot self-bailing rafts (up to 10 guests). Opt for an Oar Boat (paddle along with the guide as you like), or a Paddle Boat (more adventurous) when the guide just has a paddle and relies on you to help get through the rapids! Experience a smaller guide to guest ratio (up to 6 guests) and a more personalized trip. Enjoy a smaller 12 or 13 foot raft, or request a 15 foot raft for a more conservative adventure.

Inflatable Kayaks

Lower Animas River Lower Animas River Rafting Age: 11+
Adventure: Intermediate
Cost: $59* per person

Increase the level of adventure and control your own destiny under the supervision of a kayak guide along side of you! No experience needed; our instructors teach you all you need to know!

*Additional River/Land Access Fees not included


  • Check in, sign release forms and get dressed for the river! Wetsuit and Bootie rentals are highly recommended through June.
  • Shuttle to the river for your safety orientation and rafting instruction.
  • Hit the river!
  • Tackle “Train Bridge Rapid,” “Baby Smelter” and finally the Class III “Smelter Rapid”.
  • Take out and shuttle back.
  • Arrive back to the office approximately two and a half hours after your departure time.
*Please note that all itineraries are subject to change due to river conditions.

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